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Potential Therapeutic Effects Of Curcumin On Stomach Cancer Discovered

Curcumin is mostly used to add flavor and color to food. However, recently scientists revealed that this yellow powder extracted from the turmeric plant roots can as well help prevent or deal with stomach cancer. Scientists from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) were involved in this study. They identified probable therapeutic effects of this pigment as well as of other bioactive compounds in food on stomach cancer. The stomach cancer is said to be the 3rd and 5th most common type of cancer among Brazilian men and women, respectively.

This study was part of a Thematic Project backed by São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). The findings of this research can be accessed in the journal Epigenomics. Danielle Queiroz Calcagno, Professor, UFPA, is the first author of the research. She proclaimed that the research team undertook a huge review of the scientific literature on all bioactive compounds and nutrients.

On a similar note, UCLA researchers came into the news as they disclosed the development of a novel artificial intelligence system. Reportedly, this system holds the capability to help radiologists advance their ability to diagnose prostate cancer. This system is named as FocalNet.

Researchers assure that the latest system assists to identify and forecast the aggressiveness of the disease assessing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. According to researchers, this system carries out all its functions with almost the same level of precision as experienced radiologists. In trials, FocalNet was found about 80.5% accurate in reading MRIs. Radiologists with a minimum of 10 Years of experience were found about 83.9% accurate while doing the same activity. Generally, radiologists use MRI to detect and review the severity of malignant prostate tumors. However, it usually takes practicing on numerous scans to learn how to precisely conclude whether a tumor is benign or cancerous.

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