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Wing Will Begin Making Drone Deliveries Next Month In Finland

The Alphabet-controlled drone startup, Wing, will roll out a delivery service in Helsinki (Finland’s capital) next month. The test will make deliveries to people in the Vuosaari district of the city, which Wing claims is the most populous region of the capital. The service will provide goods from 2 stores: the local restaurant Cafe Monami and gourmet supermarket Herkku Food Market.

When Wing first declared its intention to roll out a test in Finland, it claimed that delivery flights might cover an utmost of 10 Km with packages having a weight of 1.5 Kg or less, and with delivery times anticipated to be almost 10 Minutes. Since making the declaration, Wing has been conducting test flights in Teisko to make sure that its drones are up to the job of flying in harsh situations.

Wing claims that it has been hosting community occasions in Vuosaari to make local residents ready for the drones that will soon be flying over their houses. On the other hand, in the past the firm’s drones have been criticized for the level of noise they make. During a test period in Canberra (the Australian capital), some people claimed to the media that they can listen to the drones flying in the clouds even with their windows were shut.

It seems that these media reports were not sufficiently serious to discourage aviation authority of Australia from giving Wing regulatory permission to begin conducting public deliveries.

On a related note, earlier Wing turned out to be the only drone delivery firm to get its Air Carrier Certification from the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The approval indicates that Wing can start its offerings, and the firm expects to roll out its first delivery test soon. Over the coming few months, Wing will operate with the UAS IPP (Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program) of FAA in Southwest Virginia.

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